Argos© Reporting - Forms

An Agros DataBlock can contain multiple forms. The first form is the one that opens then the QuickView is executed. I usually leave this as Main but refer to it in the parameter names as parm_<type>_<name>_F01. Each form can have parameters and multiple column data display areas to display data. I prefix all parameters on each page with the form number which is included in the form name. An example of this would be a DataCube form that is accessed via a button on the main page. The form name would be F01_DataCube and any parameters on this form would be suffixed with _F01. So if the parameter on the DataCube form selects the term code from a drop-down box, the name of that parameter would be parm_DD_SelTerm_F01. I do this to keep the parameters on each form separate when I start of the report query. You can place buttons on the forms to move between them.

I normally create a second form, called Info_02, which I use as for a detailed description of the DataBlock. I try to get this description from the requester. This helps new users of the DataBlock to understand it's uses.