Argos© Reporting - Security

There has been a number of posts recently on the Argos list about setting up security in Argos. There is certainly more than one way of setting up security in Argos and all are probably valid based on the installation. I will give you an overview of our setup, at least it is a place to start.

Lets take a look at the folder structure first, since we used that to set up security. We started with a folder for each module; Finance, HR, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Alumni and Student. Under those folder we created sub folders folder for areas under each of those main folder. In areas like finance created public and private folders under each some sub folders like Finance --> Budget --> Budget-Private and Budget-Public. This way we can separate the DataBlock by their function. Other offices, like Student Accounts, have a top folder of AR and may sub folders under it that correspond to tasks like; Third-Party Contracts, Refunding, Monthly Payment plan, etc. We have also added other main folder that just did not "fit" into a particular module. We have folders like PR, for the Public Relations Office, Security, for the people that manage Banner and Oracle security, etc. So as you can see, it really depends on the area and how we felt it would be appropriate to set up the folder structure.

Now lets look at the actual security setup. We do not assign individuals to any objects. We went down that road early in Banner, much to our chagrin. We create groups for each folder, usually one for designers and one for viewers. I wish Argos had finer controll over the security. I would like to be able to let people develop reports but not be able to modify Datablocks. I would also like to be able let people modify schedules but not alter anything else. If anyone has any other thoughts on security, let me know I would be more than happy to add them.