Sending Banner Direct Deposit Notices via email

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This page is intended for users of  SCT's Banner Finance Software Only! 

These are programs that we use to send Direct Deposit Notices via email.


The program scripts have UNIX commands that are run by using the HOST statement.  We use the HOST abbreviation of ! for our IBM RS6000.  Other servers may use the $ for this abbreviation.

If you are not on a UNIX server, then the underlying statements must be converted as well.  Most of these are just sending information to the user while running the script.  However, each program also removes files and the output files are changed via UNIX commands.


create_dd_audit.sql  Create the Direct Deposit Audit Table.  A one time script.


Creates Table: dd_audit

The dd_audit table will store the information from the Banner temporary table FATCKIN.


dd_audit.sql  Update the dd_audit table with values from the FATCKIN temporary table.  A simple report listing the transactions is sent to the user's monitor.


This program updates only the dd_audit tables.  No Banner tables are updated by this user script.


dd_email.sql  Create the email messages from today's dd_audit transactions.


dd_email_exceptions_print.shl  A script used to test for any email notice exceptions.  If any email addresses are missing a printed notice is created instead.  This script runs from within dd_email.sql


The following shows where the scripts are inserted into the standard user procedures:


Reimbursement Direct Deposits Process Sequence:

Run FAABATC from Banner Jobsub (FORM to set run parmeters)

Run FABCHKS from Banner Jobsub

Run Access Reports & Check for Credit Memos

  Direct Deposit File

  Direct Deposits with Overridden Cr Memo

Run FAPDIRD from Banner Jobsub

Run dd_audit from Telnet

Run Access Query

  Travel Direct Deposit Audit

Run FABCHKR from Banner Jobsub

Run fapdird.shl from Telnet    (runs dd_email)

Check dd_email_send.shl lis file

FTP dd_trans_travel.txt to Direct Deposit folder on PC and Check File Format

Send Transmission File (dd_trans_travel.txt) to Bank via Hyperterminal

Confirm Transmitted File with Bank

Send email notifications from Telnet (run dd_email_send.shl)

Run FABCHKA from Banner Jobsub


Note that we manually run the dd_email_send.shl, but this could be done from within dd_email (your option).

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