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BannerScripts   is a restricted code and presentation repository

 by Bruce Knox
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This page is intended for users of  SCT's Banner Finance Software Only! 

These are programs that we use to make Batch Journal Voucher (Entry) into Banner.


The program scripts have UNIX commands that are run by using the HOST statement.  We use the HOST abbreviation of ! for our IBM pSeries under AIX (IBM’s UNIX).  Other servers may use the $ for this abbreviation.

If you are not on a UNIX server, then the underlying statements must be converted as well.  These are mostly just information sent to the user while running the script.  However, each program also removes files.


There is some documentation via internal notes, but little else here to assist in interpreting these scripts.  Note that "Z" is used both for the transaction type and the COA.  Just coincidence, but a little confusing.  Some of the curious substitutions were just to help with the input from a user or from a different spreadsheet program that was causing repeated errors.  If it looks really odd, take it out:)



This is a multipurpose or universal JV.  The Description is entered from a command line or .shl script parameter.  This gives the user a lot of control and allows me avoid coding a unique program for each new JV job.


bjvfeed_z.shl .shl script to run the job


bjvfeed_z.sql loads the batch to an intermediate table (predefined) and then updates GURFEED. (Note we use "B" instead of "J" for Journal Entries.)

create_bjvfinc.sql creates the intermediate table.


bjvfeed_z.ctl is the control file for SQL Loader.  (note the use of functions to "edit" the .csv file.  Most of the entry files are from Excel.


bjvfeed_z.dat is just a sample input file.


bjv_print.sql is a simple jv list from the GURFEED Table.  


bjv_print_z.lst is the report from bjv_print.sql as run from bjvfeed_z.sql (the z is passed as a parameter). 





This is a special topic personal page maintained by Bruce Knox ( bknox @t ) documenting some University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service IT projects. 

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