Jane Frounfelker's Summit 2002 Links

The link for information about and how to join the Access-L list is -

This list would be helpful for people working with VBA. They have
suggestions on how to post a question at -
Roger Carlson, a member of Access-L has a website with sample
databases that can be downloaded. These samples answer and illustrate
many fundamental Access questions. -
The Yahoo AccessDevelopers list also has sample database download
files at -
Another site with database samples that could be helpful for those who
want to use Access in conjunction with Outlook and Word is -
For ODBC set up in Windows XP with thanks to Rolf Mikkelson -
In Windows XP you need to add the Oracle directories needed for ODBC
to the computer path differently than in Windows9x -- right click on
MyComputer, left click on PROPERTIES, click on the tab at the top
labeled ADVANCED.  Click on the button ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES.  Change
the PATH in the lower window, SYSTEM VARIABLES to include 'C:\youroracle path'.
Jane Frounfelker
Lehigh University