Argos© Reporting - Parameter code

Parameter Code

Drop-down List

This parameter can be used in the main conditional line in a data query.
select STVCAMP.STVCAMP_CODE "Camp_Code",
  from STVCAMP

Drop-down List w/Select All

I am assuming there is a parameter named parm_CB_SelAllCampuses_F0 that is set to "Y" for checked and "N" for not checked. This parameter should be placed in a group attached to the main select. You will notice that the order by must be set to the field number. You must also set this parameter to Auto Select.

select STVCAMP.STVCAMP_CODE "Camp_Code",
  from STVCAMP
 where :parm_CB_SelAllCampuses_F0 = 'N'
select 'All',
       'All Campuses'
  from DUAL
 where :parm_CB_SelAllCampuses_F0 = 'Y'
 order by 2

This is the code from the Wizard and, depending on if the :parm_CB_SelAllCampuses_F0 checkbox is checked or not, will determine what is displayed in the parameter box.

Using the Select All

In the above graphic you will see that the sgbstdn record is returned using a ROWID and the table is aliased with "C" and, if the select all checkbox returns Y