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 by Bruce Knox  bknox @t     Oracle Database Programmer/Analyst                                                                   date last updated 10/08/2009

What is a Wiki?  Wiki is an easy to use, Open Source, free Web based collaboration tool.  The Home Site  has links to the first Wiki collaboration Website.

Maybe the Largest Wiki Site is Wikipedia.

Here is an active SandBox, just a place to try one's hand at making changes (usually, very temporary ones).

Steve Rea's DataGuard Wiki, which supports the DataGuard Project with University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.

openMosix Wiki  The contributors have been numerous.  The site requires a one-time email verification before changes will be accepted from the contributor.

One can share nearly any type of document on a Wiki.  Setup and use are fairly easy with minimal learning curve, which explains why the Wiki has become so popular.





This page maintained by Bruce Knox ( bknox at ) documenting a single University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service IT project. is my personal site.  betwinx?  This site is largely oriented to Oracle Reporting Solutions in the context of generating bespoken reports from SunGard Higher Education's Banner product.  My university site is a more restrained version which cannot contain endorsements of products or companies.
(I maintain a number of special topic pages with links from this primary site.)                                
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Near mirror at which is my university work related site.