e-mail Notices - simple SQL solutions for complex Banner Reporting Issues 

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We use an e-mail report "cookie cutter" to create work-a-round solutions for missing pieces of Banner. 



We have done a lot of e-mail reporting: Direct Deposit Notices, Requisitions Awaiting Approval, Leave Requests, encrypted attachments for Insurance Reporting, Job Control Reports, Database Table Monitoring, etc.  The ones that have gotten the most positive attention fall into two types:  Reporting to individuals and reporting to mangers.  Both of these use the same template.


This standard template or "cookie cutter" script needs just the unique SQL code for the new application to be inserted.  I actually develop my SQL code apart from the e-mail code and have a pretty good idea that everything will work the first try with the e-mailing version.  But, I use a built-in review step just in case (much easier on your ego to catch your own errors).

The objective is to send an email message reporting Banner information from a standard template generated script..


cookie_cutter.shl is the output, a file of executable UNIX commands, of cookie_cutter.sql

Run it and you’d see:

From:     <bknox_@edison.uaex.edu>
To:          <bknox_@uaex.edu>
Date:      9/8/03 3:41PM
TEST email Subject text string  

bknox_@uaex.edu Beginning of Text Message
This was mailed 08-SEP-2003

Ending of Text Message

  Here is the code for the template:

cookie_cutter.sql is the skeleton or template program script. This will generate email "as is" and will make obvious missed string changes you should make.

cookie_sub_select_code.sql replaces the dummy Sub-Select.  This code could be anything that returns records with a Report To PIDM, Detail line, and a Sort Order.

cookie_new.sql is the new email SQL*Plus script created from cookie_cutter.sql and cookie_sub_select_code.sql.

cookie_new.shl is the output of cookie_new.shl.

Here is the code for an application (Leave Requests for Your Approval)

OK, that is instructive, but here is a real application built using the above technique.

leave_requests.shl is the output, a file of executable UNIX commands.


Run it and you get something like:

From: <kbailey_@edison.uaex.edu>
To: <nboston_@uaex.edu>
Date: 8/5/03 4:47AM
Subject: Leave Requests for Your Approval

The following leave requests are awaiting your approval:
Don  Mayday has requested
8 hours of Sick Pay on 09/17/2003
8 hours of Sick Pay on 09/18/2003
8 hours of Vacation Pay on 09/29/2003
8 hours of Vacation Pay on 10/03/2003

Please approve via login to Banner through either of the following:

Self Service http://ban.uaex.edu/ then click on Employee Services and Time Sheet
WebForms at http://webforms.uaex.edu/ using form PHADSUM

CC: <bknox_@uaex.edu>, <kbailey_@uaex.edu>

leave_requests_gather.shl The controlling script (usually run by cron).

leave_requests_gather.sql determines if any new leave requests to report.


This gather step uses a temporary table.  

Name                                      Null?    Type
----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
LEAVE_SEQNO                                        NUMBER(12)
LEAVE_TIME_ENTRY_DATE                              DATE
LEAVE_ACTIVITY_DATE                                DATE
LEAVE_SENT                                         VARCHAR2(1)

leave_requests.sql is the cookie_cutter.sql derived code.

leave_request.gather_cron.log is a log of leave_request_gather.shl as run by cron.


generate this .log file using a crontab entry like: 

40 4 * * 1-6 /home/common/leave_requests_gather.shl > leave_requests_gather_cron.log 2>&1


This .log file proves very useful both in debugging the routine and for troubleshooting and run tracking.



Ssh, don't tell anyone it is this easy:)









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