Installing the Oracle8 Client on a Windows 2000 PC

by Bruce Knox
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First install Net8, the ODBC driver, and the Oracle test software from the Oracle8 Client CD.  The images and notes below are from installing version 


Then go to the Oracle site for free software downloads (drivers) to get the latest ODBC driver that matches your version of the Oracle8 Client. (You will need a membership to the Oracle free download site which is now password protected.  Cancel the member sign in and the site will take you to a sign up page.)


From the ODBC Driver installation instructions readme file in the driver download:


Once the self-extracting archive file ORA8058.EXE has been exploded it will create an installable directory structure onto your hard drive. Run the Oracle Installer from your local drive and choose the From button.  Navigate to the /orainst/win32/install/<OS>.prd file in the patch, and choose 'OK'.  Then select the Oracle8 ODBC Driver product to Install.


That should get the Oracle8 Client software installed, then on to the Microsoft side for the ODBC configuration.


Windows2000 ODBC Setup.


The Win95 32 bit ODBC icon on the Control Panel has been moved and renamed:


Start>Settings>Control Panel>Administration Tools>Data Sources (ODBC)


Note that many of the following entries are case sensitive!


Skip the User DSN.  Go to System DSN tab  

(note: DSN and DBQ are Sources of Confusion When Connecting via ODBC. )



Select Add



Highlight the Oracle ODBC Driver and select Finish.


Reference Note:  If your SQL*Plus logon looks like:


Then your Host_String or Data Source Name will be server_pprd.




Then enter the Data Source Name.  This is the Database for Banner or host_string for SQL*Plus that you use to logon.



The above checked items and numbers were all defaults except the Read-Only.

Select OK.



Back to Oracle.  Start the Net* EasyJConfig.  Start>Programs>Oracle for Windows NT>Oracle Net8 Easy Config.



Choose Action Add New Service, and then enter the New Service Name.


If your Service Name (Database/host_string) is “server_pprd” then the New Service Name will be



It does not look right to me either, but …



Select Next>



with the TCP/IP (Internet Protocal) highlighted select Next>



For the Host Name give it the IP Number of your Oracle Server.  Select Next >



Change the default Database SID of ORCL to your SID.  This is probably something like PPRD.



Select Test Service



Done button will return you to:



Select Next>



Then Select Finish to save the new file.   


Repeat for each SID or host_string you expect to be using.


If this fails for you, take a look at the TNSNAMES.ORA file C:\orant\net80\admin\tnsnames.ora 

(The Win95 file warned you to not edit the file directly.  But not so with Win2000.)


It should look something like (open with notepad or another simple editor only):


-------------------------- tnsnames.ora content below this line -----------------------

# C:\ORANT\NET80\ADMIN\TNSNAMES.ORA Configuration File:C:\orant\net80\admin\tnsnames.ora

# Generated by Oracle Net8 Assistant














    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = Production1)(PORT = 1521))






    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = NMP)(Server = FinanceServer1)(Pipe = ORAPIPE))







    (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = extproc))











    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ip-number-please)(PORT = 1521))






    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = SPX)(Service = Server_lsnr))






    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ip-number-please)(PORT = 1521))






    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))




-------------------------- tnsnames.ora content above this line -------------------------


Note the ip-number-please is a real IP Number not an alias.



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