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At 2009 Orlando SETA October 4-6th
APEX: Express Web Development for Reporting and Beyond
Presenter: Debra Miller
Institution: Athens State University

Want a flexible application tool for the web that is free with your Oracle license? Learn how you can create web-based reporting with APEX! This will be a short summary of the techniques needed to create a simple report for the web. The session will also cover SSB integration and be open to general APEX questions.

Books, Materials and Students in SSB
Schools have been mandated to disclose the course materials to potential students. Athens State has developed a system to capture books (and materials could be added easily) required, recommended and suggested by faculty members. It interfaces with our bookstores, so they can create book orders using this information as well as SSB (Self Service Banner) so that students can view this informaton before registering for classes. This session will discuss the how, why and what of this system and the way the information is presented to the student.

Oracle Application Express or APEX, is a web based rapid application development tool for the Oracle database.  APEX, formerly called HTML DB, is being increasingly adopted by SunGardHE Banner clients for handling stand-a-lone tasks, providing conversions from MS Access applications, or providing Front-End applications for generating input data for Banner.

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Latest developed applications lists:

Banner Related APEX Applications:

Billing system for our Promotions and Publications - for reproduction/postage expenses entered independently of Banner.
Debra J. Miller Debra.Miller @t
Athens State University

Assessment (AMEE) (Surveys, Assessments of all sorts)
Book Orders and Follett/Off-Campus Book Stores  (available on SETA site)
College of Education Assessment of Student Teachers, TEP, Field Experience, Internships
Fact Book
Assessment Management Online System (AMOS) for Collecting and analyzing data, interfaces with SPSS
Hold emails (for Hold API messages
Help Desk/Inventory
Information Desk/User Lookup
Textbook Search/Listing for students
Library system integration
Data Warehouse load
IR Requests
Events (calendar)
Course Schedule for Publications
Financial Budget Review
Financial Disclosure
GoArmy file creation
Graduation Applications
Live Text Interface Administration
ID lookup for Information Desk
Organizations for role creation in SSB
Batch student status processing (Inactivation/No Shows)
User Document Entry (to feed AMOS document master)

older listing below

Summit 2009 APEX Sessions:

Summit 2009 Section # 0358, March 24, 4-5:30 PM
APEX and Banner: Happy Co-Existence by Debra J. Miller, DBA, OCP, Athens State University

The first part will be a quick walk through of where we use APEX and a demo of how to set up Banner-APEX integration/security.
The 2nd part will be users creating their own application (s), pages, etc. and answering questions as they come up.

This is a Hands-On session, sign up now before the seats are all taken!


Just for reference, here are the sessions I found for 2008:

Summit 2008
APEX: Fast, Integrated Web Development
Chemeketa Community College uses Oracle Application Express (APEX, formerly HTML DB) as a Rapid Application Development tool to build Self Service applications for students and staff. We've integrated APEX-based applications into the WebTailor security model, so a single sign on lets users access both Banner Self Service pages and APEX-delivered applications; our APEX-delivered applications appear on the Self Service menus. APEX could be used as a reporting tool, but that's not how it shines -- it's designed to facilitate the rapid development of interactive, web-based applications that can manipulate data in your database. We won't teach you everything you need to know to program in APEX -- any Oracle training can do that. We'll focus on how to integrate APEX-developed applications into Banner Self Service. You'll see how to implement a single login to let users access both Self Service and an APEX application, and how WebTailor manages permissions for them. We'll show the database packages and WebTailor entries we use to implement the integration. We'll demonstrate the power of APEX and our WebTailor integration by building a simple APEX-based report. We'll also demonstrate mature APEX-based applications used at Chemeketa, including advanced techniques such as AJAX.

Summit 2008
Student Assessment by Non-Employee Supervisors

Debra J. Miller
Athens State University

Athens State College of Education has driven a project for non-employee supervisors to enter assessment data into the production database. The discussion of this system should be of interest to technical as well as functional users concerned with getting assessment data into a database and using this in conjunction with an assessment management system. This is an add-on to Banner and developed this year primarily in APEX, Oracle's web-based application developer, with additional forms created in Oracle Forms. What this software does is allow non-employees to log on to a web application and enter assessments for student teachers. These assessments are based on rules (also used for faculty assessments in Banner's Self-Service product).This session will discuss the software elements, end user administration (staff responsibilities) and logic as well as the problems encountered. It will also give an overview of how this software fits into our entire Assessment Management System-- a web-based system that pulls the results from the assessment entries (faculty and non-faculty) and evaluates success or failure of objectives and goals.

Summit 2008
APEX Applications for the Banner Student User
Looking for an easy way to roll that schedule and apply prereqs, coreqs and attributes? Rolled a grade that shouldn't have been and now you need to remove it? Want to change a section code without dropping the students from the course? What about those other pesky little things that require IT to go "behind the scenes" to fix? What used to take a phone call or email to Banner Support is now in the hands of the user. Working from Banner Student 7.4, Lehigh Carbon Community College has developed a plethora of "Do it Yourself" tools for the user. During the past year, our tool of choice has become Oracle's Application Express. Let us show you how we have used APEX to make life simpler.

My first experience with APEX was with HTML DB 2.0 and Oracle Express in a stand-a-lone installation.  I saw great promise in it at that time (early 2006).  Now, we are trying APEX for non-Banner development.  Plus, I hope to use APEX to automate the maintenance I currently perform on a number of Oracle Tables I use in my Banner SQL*Plus programming and Argos Reporting.

I already know of Banner Sites using APEX.  There was a Summit 2006 session on HTML DB, but I saw nothing on APEX for Summit 2007? 

Searching the Summit 2007 CD (finally got here) turns up these classes with APEX content:

Banner Finance and AR Kick-Off
Presented by: Elsa Everling, Product Manager
SunGard Higher Education
March 19, 2007
Course ID 1108
page 44 only

ODS Self Service Reporting
Presented by: David Killip
Banner Reporting and Analytics,
SunGard Higher Education
March 21, 2007
Course ID 1174

Extending ODS SSR  (basically, the HowTo behind "ODS Self Service Reporting" above)
Presented by: Lloyd Lunham
SunGard Higher Education
March 21, 2007
Course ID 402


I do need links and OKs to reference your uses of APEX!  Contact me via Banner_ApplicationExpress or directly bknox @t


Banner Related APEX Applications:

Catering Event Request/Reservation System - used by Dining Services Department.
Charles Schroeder charles.e.schroeder @t
Lawrence University

Tailor Your Own Web Using HTMLDB - Summit 2006 Session ppt includes references to Campus Directory, Annual Giving Volunteers Tools, . . .
Indira Persand and Amy Michelson
Wellesley College

Installation Instructions for APEX 3.0 and its prerequisites required for it, as was done for our web applications development server.  This is a non-Banner Oracle server, but we do have some database links to our Banner server from this machine.
Steve Rea 
Configuration information will follow soon.

Banner Upgrades, Banner Upgrade Tracking
Marianne Gillfillan Marianne.Gillfillan @t
Concordia Administrative Information System

Mailmerge - Admissions Communication Plan generated materials.
Cy Ball cy.ball @t
University of Denver

Project - A project control system with project requests, test dates, completion dates.
Cy Ball cy.ball @t
University of Denver

Population Selection - We have many requests to fill a Pop-Sel. Usually a spreadsheet with one of the columns being a list of pidms. This application allows the requestors to copy the spreadsheet pidm column and paste it into a Text area in this application. Then load a temporary "pidm" table from the pasted pidms. Finally, select the Application, Selection, Creator, enter a user and load the Pop-Sel.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

TIAA-CREF Export  - Extract Payroll data and creates interface file for tiaa-cref, requires custom table in APEX database.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Pennsylvania Secure ID - Reports students' Pennsylvania Secure ID numbers and displays students who need the ID numbers.  requires custom table in APEX database.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Duplicate PIDM Utility - Accepts good and bad spriden_id as input. Lists the tables and row counts where they exist side by side. Listed by owner (SATURN, GENERAL, etc). Each Owner has a radio button you select to list the tables. provides the ability to copy table rows from bad pidm to good pidm (except for TBRAPPL and TBRACCD - still being worked on).

Looks for parent/child relationships before attempting to copy and pops up Javascript warnings before and copying or removing of rows.  Shows unique constraints so decisions can be made for removing or copying bad pidm rows.  Uses dynamic SQL and APEX collections.  Uses materialized views of people and table data to speed searching.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

State Unemployment Compensation Processing - Combined a series of SQL statements (normally run manually) into a Tab driven application.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Email Lookup - Takes spriden_id, looks in GOREMAL, and checks a custom table that contains last access.  Custom email usage tables are update via UNIX cron from data received from our student email system.  If email does not exist in GOREMAL, a "Create Email" button will create an entry in GOREMAL that will automatically create and ftp a file to our student email system.  Used in Enrollment Services.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

LNumber Search (PIDM) - Lnumber is our spriden_id, enter pidm, provides Lnumber.  Handy for people who have a pidm, but need the ID for a Banner screen.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

LNumber Search (SSN) - Same as above, but uses SSN.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Midterm "T" Grade Management - Terms in selection boxes (selected from SFRSTCR).  Move "T" Grades From Final To Midterm.  Move "T" Grades From Midterm To Final.  Above two also works with TERM + Part Of Term selection.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Part-of-Term Date Change - Changes the Begin and End dates for classes based on Term, Part-of-Term, CRN.  In selection Part-of-term depends on Term, and CRN depends on Part-of-term.  Changes SSBSECT and SSRMEET.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

Pin Lookup - Enter spriden_id and retrieves GOBTPAC pin.
Wayne Youngblood wyoungblood @t
Lehigh Carbon Community College

GASB Reporting
Jeana Henley
Montana State University

Training Calendar, Scheduling and Registration Tracking - application for staff Banner and other related training.
Jeana Henley
Montana State University

APEX + Argos - Rapid Development + Ad Hoc Reports

Please share your development work with the Banner APEX community!

University APEX sites:

Case Western Reserve University  announces Oracle APEX and APEX for Researchers site

George Washington University

Plymouth State University BLOG includes How To Link to another Oracle Database, such as Banner!

Stanford University School of Medicine   -  A Strategic Planning tool application

Medical College of Georgia

Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

Cornell University Project List APEX Application

Non-Banner APEX References:

Oracle APEX (Oracle's Application Express site)   Forum

Converting MS Access to APEX  (Oracle Application Express Application Migration Workshop now handles more of the conversion task)

ApexLib - The Oracle APEX Framework to enhance Oracle APEX (Oracle Application Express)

The Power of the Oracle APEX Repository by Patrick Wolf

askTom a very large and busy Oracle site that was developed with HTML DB (APEX).

Advanced Application Express Tips & Techniques by Brad Brown,TUSC  56+ minute WebEx recorded presentation
includes: adding pop-up windows, bubble-Help, email, custom login, http links, ...

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