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  by Bruce Knox
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I suggest that you "Save Target As" for any text files (.sql, .shl, .txt, .argosexport) below instead of cut and paste which might insert extraneous characters.

Argos Related:
maps_users.sql - MAPS Users for creating MAPS Accounts from Banner
access_to_argos.shl - MS Access SQL to Argos Oracle SQL
table_to_argos.sql - Collecting Table and Record Selection Criteria
table_to_v_view.sql - Generate Oracle View Create Script
Table Descriptions for Argos Use.txt - Extension results from table_to_argos.sql
Argos - Moving into the Community.ppt - Summit 2007 Presentation
Argos Tech Track.ppt - Argos 2007 Pre-Summit
Argos Admin and Security Track.ppt - Argos 2007 Pre-Summit
ABUG 2007 Argos - Moving into the Community.ppt - ABUG Presentation
Argos Pre-Summit 2008 Presentation - How your Oracle DBA or Programmer Can Improve Your Argos Reporting!
Banded Report Standard DataBlock and Report - This is the Bonus included in the Pre-Summit 2008 ppt.
Current Record Set or Special Views - This is the code to create the Oracle Views referenced in the Argos Pre-Summit 2008 ppt.
TN_Summit_2008_Argos-Moving_into_the_Community.ppt - TN Summit 2008
How Your DBA or Database Programmer Can Improve Your Argos Reporting.ppt - TN Summit 2008
Backup MAPS/Argos Server command script - Copy Argos Automated Backup to an Alternate Server
Backup MAPS/Argos Server log example - Backup log file example
Backup MAPS/Argos Server Check Backup - Sends email from Argos with Log File attached
Summit 2009  -  Argos - Moving into the Community
Argos pre-Summit 2009 - Argos - Moving Rapidly into the Community
ABUG 2009 - Moving Rapidly into the Community ppt
Argos pre-Summit 2010 and ABUG 2010 - Enabling Functional Users with Argos (pptx)  - Evisions and ABUG Conferences 2010
Argos a Banner Reporting Community (pptx)  - Summit 2011 Argos Presentation: 
Just Beyond Simple SQL - How To Dramatically Improve your Argos Queries (pptx) -  Evisions 2011 Conference Presentation
Argos_Reporting_and_Value_Based_Security_Bruce_Knox (pptx) - Evisions Conference 2012 Presentation
Is FundOrgn Security Enabled 20120216.argosexport  (object) - Argos DataBlock
Which Funds and Orgns Can I See plus USER display 20120216.argosexport  (object) - Argos DataBlock
Which Funds and Orgns Can I See 20120216.argosexport  (object) - Argos DataBlock
Which Funds and Orgns Can a USER View 20120216.argosexport  (object) - Argos DataBlock
My New Favorite Old Argos Feature (pptx) - Evisions Conference 2013 Presentation and ABUG 2013
Windows 10 Edge Browser with Argos (pptx) ABUG 2015 Presentation

Arkansas Sales Tax and Tax Rebates Report

Approval Notices email - password approvals

Direct Deposit email - password ddemail

PO Scripts - password poscripts (includes Requisition Close)

.csv file extract example (PO Imaging Index Information) 
While I think this hard-coded example demonstrates a good way to create most export files, you may want to try a generalized solution as done in Jared Still's dump Table to csv file for exporting individual Tables.

Batch Journal Voucher Scripts - password batchjv

Cookie Cutter - email Leave example

Using SQL*Plus for Banner Reporting

Fund Table Changed Notice
How To Create a new SQL Pass-Though Query for BannerAccess Reporting

NETC 2005 Making Life Easier for Users
ABUG 2006 e~Print - Innovative Ways We Use It (a slightly different version was used for Summit)

Standard Objects for BannerAccess


Summit 2006 e~Print - Innovative Ways We Use It (includes fully automated month end reporting)

Oracle Notes - FoxPro Conversion Collection by CES IT was my scripts and presentations repository. 
This current scripts and presentations repository contains the files above. 




This is a special topic personal page maintained by Bruce Knox ( bknox @t ) documenting some University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service IT projects. 

Use this information and these scripts at your own risk.
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This site is oriented to Oracle Reporting Solutions in the context of generating bespoken reports from Ellucian's Banner product. is a code and presentation repository.  See for related links.