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Well, after a number of folks asked me, "Why don't you have a web page dedicated to reporting", I decided to start putting my thoughts down and get started.

I have looked at many web sites dedicated to reporting but found few that specialized in reporting data from a database. So, with that in mind, lets get started and get some housekeeping detail out of the way. My name is Calvin Deiterich and I work at Harrisburg Area Community College, a five campus community college located in south-central Pennsylvania. I have been working with the Sungardhe Banner Software since 1999 and with Evisions' Argos since 2008. I am Senior Systems Analyst for the Student Accounts area and also do much of the cross-module reporting for areas like Institutional Research. I can be reached at cedeiter at hacc dot edu. I am also the owner of The Deiterich Group, a consulting firm which supports colleges in the areas of business analysis, reporting and accounts receivables. Email me at cedmail at comcast dot net for assistance.

I would like to thank the folks at Evisions for allowing me to use the name Argos, which is the name of their reporting tool. Do not ask me to send you any DataBlocks that I have created. If you would like them, I will upload them up to the Evisions CO-OP and you can download them from there. Finally, although this site is mainly dedicated to reporting using Argos, much of the information on these pages will be applicable to any reporting arena. Now, on to reporting.


I will be presenting at the 2011 Evisions Conference in New Orleans on March 19, 2011. In my first session, "You Have Argos, Now What?", we will discuss various report handling and conversion issues along with areas that should not be overlooked when using Argos as your reporting tool. In my second session, "GJAJOBS Modifications", we will discuss the modification we made at Harrisburg Area Community College to GJAJOBS that allow the handling of locally produced jobs giving them the ability to use Special Print Parameters for enhanced printing. We will also discuss our modification to track job submissions for reporting and troubleshooting purposes. If you are attending, please look me up. I would certainly enjoy meeting you.

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This page and majority of the links from it are used here with the permission of Calvin Deiterich.  The original site was Argos Reporting  Bruce Knox 2014
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